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Business Parks in Centurion

The Success Academy Business Centres are located in Unit 1, Oxford Office Park, Unit 26, Cambridge Office Park and Unit 2, Berkley Office Park. The Centres are equipped with a total of 110 Serviced Offices, 30 Boardrooms, and a 50/75/100–Seater Training Rooms. We have various Office Suites available i.e. an Office with one Desk, an Office with 2 Desks or a Corner Office consisting of two Offices with a Desk in each. With these business parks in Centurion, we are able to cater for a whole range of Business Office Space requirements. Many small businesses start out from a home office. However, a time comes when having a home office does not provide you with the credibility you need to attract larger clients. When your business gets to this point it would be a good idea to pay us a visit to see what we can offer you. When you rent serviced offices from us you can choose the exact amount of space you require to run your business enabling you to keep your overheads low.

Centurion Business Park

You also have peace of mind, knowing that as your business grows, you have the option of simply relocating to a more suitable sized office in either Berkley Office Park, Cambridge Office Park, Central Park Office Park, Madison Square, Manhattan Office Park, Oxford Office Parks, Princeton Office Park, Regency Office Park, Stanford Office Park, Time Square Office Park or Willow Office Park, where we will be able to help you with anything from 15m² all the way to 12,000m²+. Buying office furniture and equipment at the start of your business can dramatically impact your overheads.  One of the advantages of using The Business Centre is that the office furniture is included in each rental office which means you can save the cost and hassle of buying items you may not need right away. At the Centre we also provide you with on-site IT support as well as Central Secretarial Service. Why not come and take a look for yourself and let’s talk about how we can help you transition your business into a corporate office environment.

Business Centres in our Office Parks

Berkley Office Park in Centurion

Successful businesses never stand still but will always evolve, develop and grow so that they can keep ahead of their competitors. In the same way, our Berkley Office Park continues to move forward so it can always cater for changing business needs and provide what our tenants need and expect.

Most businesses now demand flexibility from all their suppliers so that they are not constrained in their development and progress. That fits in with our philosophy because we aim to make all our office parks adaptable so that they always meet the needs of all our tenants.

Cambridge Office Park in Centurion

Office parks are often occupied by large companies as places where they locate local or regional offices or even their head office. At Cambridge Office Park, however, we cater for all sizes and types of companies due to our flexible approach to providing office accommodation.

At The Success Academy, we welcome all companies to our office spaces near Pretoria, whether large international organisations, SMEs or start-ups. The extensive range of spaces we can provide are suitable for every size of company and give plenty of scope for expansion without even having to leave the site.

Oxford Office Park in Centurion

City centre office accommodation has the advantage of being in close proximity to shops, restaurants, bars and most other facilities that the average office worker needs, including a reasonable transport system. Those benefits are often far outweighed by the disadvantages, which include overcrowding, pollution, a lack of public safety, high expense and difficulties in commuting.

Companies are increasingly seeing the benefits of moving out of the city centre to our Oxford Office Park or any of the other office parks we have around Centurion. Although moving may seem a serious decision, it’s worth the effort and one that very few companies regret.

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