Welcome to The Success Academy
Welcome to
The Success Academy
Welcome to the Success Academy. If you are serious about taking Your Business to the Next Level, then you have just found the Office Park for your Business. Offering Commercial Property Rentals in the Centurion area. Consequently, we offer valuable opportunities for each tenant within our Successful Business Community. We have perfected a Winning Recipe over the last 20 years in creating an environment where tenants can grow to reach their full potential in our Prime Office Parks. The Opportunities that will unfold to you by becoming Part of our Community is mind blowing.  Currently, we are providing Prime Office Space to over 350 Companies. Who employ more than 6,000 people and occupying over 130,000m2 of Offices.

The Success of any Business depends Exclusively on its Professional Image and Frontage.  At The Success Academy you will be able to showcase your Business with Great Pride.

Looking forward in welcoming you within our circle of contagious Success!

With great anticipation,

Founder and Owner
The Success Academy.

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Our Mission

Excellent Office Space for Rent near Pretoria

Our primary Mission is to develop an Office Park for rent nearby Pretoria with an environment which contributes to you running a successful business.

Creating this environment by paying attention to the small details that make a big difference. You will observe this through firstly the attention we give to the maintenance of our Office Parks in Pretoria East, secondly the turnkey installations we facilitate, the uninterrupted electricity supply, and the exceptional security we provide.

The Office Parks in Pretoria are a place where you can proudly showcase your business. Our motto is very simply to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

Thinking beyond the traditional Landlord – Tenant paradigm. Instead, when your business is situated in one of our Parks, we see ourselves as entering into a partnership with you. A partnership where you can focus all your energy and attention in building and running a successful business and where we ensure your office space supports that goal.

Thinking of our office park to rent in Pretoria as being a Success Campus with a community of businesses that have a wealth of experience, providing a real opportunity for Mentorship and advice via our private online community platform.

Looking forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship.

Welcome to the Success Academy - Why it Matters
Why it Matters

Your Success is Our Success

Running a successful business is a major challenge and requires never ending attention to detail.  Not having to concern yourself with the image of the Parks, the maintenance of the buildings, the security or “always on” electricity supply,  enables you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

The unique online community platform also gives you access to insights and advice from the more experienced business owners and entrepreneurs. This environment is both supportive and inspiring, and instead of feeling alone in a competitive business environment, you feel part of a community that is genuinely interested in the success of your business.

This unique environment is exactly what you need! Read More

Office Park for Rent near Pretoria

An office is more than just a place to work; it is a place that your business can grow from, and when you choose an Office Park to let near Pretoria you can look forward to being in a supportive environment that is beautifully maintained. At the Centurion’s Office Park near Pretoria, we can find the space that is right for your business, so whether you are looking for somewhere small or a larger office space, The Success Academy is there to help you.

Why Choose An Office Park With The Success Academy Within Reach From Pretoria?

If you are interested in the growth of your business, it is good to know that we are too. At The Success Academy, we offer flexibility that allows you to do just that. As your business grows, so can the space that you have so that you can take on more staff and have more room. There is no need to worry about any of the maintenance as our team take care of it all. We understand that you do not want to be concerning yourself over the general upkeep of an office space or fixing something should it go wrong. With The Success Academy, we take care of every last detail, leaving you to focus on your business. Our turnkey team and space designers can complete your Office Park nearby Pretoria into a functional space that works for you. They use the space to your advantage, and with many different sized office spaces available, from small office spaces to bigger sized ones, you will be able to find one that works for you. With turnkey installations, you will be able to move into a space that is right for you and your business, and as they will be no need to think about the setup or design. Renting a furnished office space you will be able to get on with running your business straight away. Our online community platform is a great way to be part of something bigger and benefit from well-established business owners and entrepreneurs. When you choose to rent an Office Park near Pretoria with The Success Academy, you can benefit from their experience. Not only this, but we also have competitive rates so that you can keep the costs of running your business low, which gives you a greater avenue for profits. Our central location also makes it perfect for your office workers, and with less of a commute, they will have more energy for working hard for your business.

Join Us At The Success Academy Renting Your Perfect Office Nearby Pretoria East

If you are looking for office parks nearby Pretoria East, look no further than The Success Academy. Everyone wants to be able to work somewhere where they feel safe, and with 24/7 total security, you can be sure that your office and workers are in the best place. We have biometric access, and our business parks are also guarded by security officers to maintain a beautiful and peaceful place to work. The Success Academy is here to make your business a success. Contact us today about our Office Parks for rent near you. Read Less