What is a Shared Office Space?

The modern workplace is dynamic and evolving, with new and varied working environments and cultures constantly developing to meet the changing needs of businesses, customers, and employees. If you are running a small business and are looking for a way to scale up in order to expand your operations, moving to new premises can be the ideal option.

Nonetheless, it isn’t always easy to know which office space is right for your business – and investing in a permanent new location is a huge commitment to make. For this reason, many organisations choose to make use of the shared office spaces available on the market, which provide the ideal option for those who need new premises to accommodate their growth without making a huge investment in one particular property.

There are lots of technical terms used to refer to the various types of coworking, shared offices, shared workspaces and other new and innovative working arrangements which exist in the modern economy, leading to some confusion over what means what. Fortunately, the basic idea behind a shared office space is actually very simple – and it is a solution that is versatile and effective for a wide range of start-ups, established businesses and independent freelancers alike.

Unlike a coworking space in which individual freelancers, consultants and remote employees can rent one small area for them to work amongst other people, a shared office space consists of an entire office environment fitted out for a whole team of people and available to rent as their temporary or long-term premises.

This solution offers a number of major benefits, including:

  • Simple & Affordable

When you choose a shared office space for rent, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a single simple payment will provide you with access to your new premises and all the perks and amenities associated with them for the agreed time, saving you all the time, hassle and stress associated with finding your own property.

  • Increased Brand Awareness

As many shared office spaces will display your company’s name and marketing at the shared front entrance, you can expect large numbers of people to be exposed to your brand and to know exactly where you are located.

  • Easy Access & Quality Security

A good shared office space provider will ensure that their premises are located in a convenient, easy to access and quiet area so that staff and customers have no trouble finding and commuting to where they need to be. As well as this, your business will have the protection of the site’s professional security team so that your staff, customers and business assets are always totally safe.

  • Extra Amenities & Communal Areas

Depending on the shared office space you choose, you may find that your new site also has plenty of great communal areas where workers and customers can connect and network with people from other offices – a great opportunity for both professional development and recreation. Some share office premises also have facilities such as coffee shops and catering services to further enhance the office experience for everyone.

If you are interested in renting quality big or small office space, or if you would like a furnished office space for your team either on a short-term or long-term basis, you can be sure that there are plenty of great sites to choose from in locations across South Africa, each of them offering something slightly different to suit the particular needs of its tenants and their customers.

By researching the various options which are available and finding out more about what’s on offer in the locations that appeal to you, you can be confident that it won’t be long before you and your team are able to move into a new and professional working environment with complete office solutions that facilitates your next great stage of growth and success.