Understanding The Servants Philosophy

To understand the flow of Money between individuals it is critical to understand that in the Master Servant relationship the Money always flows from the Master to the Servant. It therefore makes logical sense that if you want the Money to flow to you that you need to position yourself in the position of the Servant.

Remember that your Business is a direct reflection of who you are and what you stand for. To take your Business to the next level during 2019 you need to go to the next-level yourself first. This means that you need to change your Thinking. Einstein in his wisdom explained that “you cannot solve your current Challenges by using the same Thinking that you used in creating them in the first place.” Our challenge is to find new ideas, new ways of thinking. It is madness to think that “you can get different results by doing the same things over and over.” Our greatest challenge is to find new Ideas. Ideas that will change the way we think and do things.

That is why Successful People make it a habit to study other Successful Individuals by reading their Autobiographies and self-help publications. It took Napoleon Hill 25 years to study the lives of 500 truly successful individual in order to write his Book “Think and Grow Rich”. Why not read or listen to this book. You will be amazed at the Wisdom it contains. In Biblical times Solomon was given the opportunity to choose anything that his heart desired. Above everything else he chose Wisdom, and everything else was given to him….he became the richest man of all time. Why not make the search of Wisdom your lifelong passion. A truly worthwhile ambition.

We look forward to your company during the 10 Modules of our “Servant Philosophy Business Program “. The program is presented every month and is totally free, except for your time. Book your seat early as seats are limited.

2019 is in your hands. Use it wisely and you will reap the rewards.