Understanding People and Human Nature

To succeed in Life and Business it is absolutely critical to understand People and Human Nature. The fact of the matter is that People are ten thousand times more interested in themselves than they are in you.

Remember it is not about you. Take the Focus off yourself and your needs. Remove these words from your vocabulary; I, Me, Mine, and replace them with You and Yours. Be sincerely interested in others.

Use their Name as often as possible. A person’s name is the sweetest music to them. Remember people’s names and use it as often as possible.

It has been said that if you help others to reach their Goals then you will reach all your Goals.

The most important measure of how good a game I played is how much better I made my Teammates play.

See the potential in others before they see it in themselves.

Always compliment people in front of others and when necessary, reprimand them in private.

Look for reasons to compliment people.

We are all Musical Instruments. The challenge is to learn how to bring out the music in others.

Study People Skills and you will be a Great Success.