The Importance of Discipline

If there is one magic word that stands out above all the rest it is discipline. Discipline is the bridge between thought and accomplishment, between inspiration and achievement, between necessity and productivity. Remember, all good things are located upstream from us. The passing of time takes us adrift and drifting only brings us the negative, disappointment, and the failure.

Failure is not a cataclysmic event. It is not generally the result of one major incident but rather of the long list of accumulated little failures.

The danger is looking at an undisciplined day and concluding that no great harm has been done. But add up these days to make a year, then add up these years to add up to a lifetime and it become apparent how repeating today’s small failures can easily turn your life into a major disaster.

Success, on the other hand, is just the same process in reverse.

Discipline: those unique steps of intelligent thought and activity that put a lid on temper and a faucet on courtesy; that develop the positive and control the negative: that encourages success and deters failures; that shapes lifestyle and controls frustration; that enhances health and curbs sickness; that promotes happiness and manages sadness.

Discipline: the continuous process that brings all the good things. Remember anyone can start the process. Few will persevere long enough to succeed.

Most people will underestimate the effort required to succeed in life. Hence the saying, “It takes about 15 to 20 Years to become an overnight success.”

Charl du Toit
CEO & Founder of The Success Academy