The Good Old Days

We tend to only remember the good memories of the past. We forget the hard times.

The reality is that the past was not all that good. In fact our forefathers had it tough. If they wanted to eat they had to go and hunt for their food. There was no Woollies, Spar, or Pick n Pay just around the corner. Like many of us I grew up in a home that had no running water and the toilet was outside. I grew up with a Pottie under my bed for emergencies

We went to town once a month to buy the basic necessities. Everything we ate was grown, and produced by ourselves. Everything we wore we made ourselves. There was no electricity, no television, and no internet. In hind sight life was tough, in the good old days!

Business has changed as well over the years, for the better. Yes we have our Challenges but we also have our Opportunities. In fact we have many more Opportunities in Africa than anywhere else in the world.

The World has Africa in its sights. We have what they want. The Commodities and Opportunities are here. They are on their way, that is if they are not here already. Our advantage is that we are already here. We understand Africa. Things work differently here. We have an unfair advantage.

All we need to do is to open our eyes. The good old days is now!

Focus your attention on our Future. The Good Times are yet to come.

Make it happen.