Furnished Office Spaces

Furnished Offices to Rent

Furnished Office Spaces to Rent

Are you in the market for affordable, secure office accommodation for your business? The Success Academy isn’t your conventional landlord. We offer not only all-inclusive, furnished office spaces to rent, but we will also help your company grow and reach the successes you dream of.

Why Your Office is Important

The location of your offices is vital to the success of your business. It’s extremely difficult to build a successful business in a questionable area, partly because it might make it harder for you to attract customers, and partly because your location is part of your image. How your business is perceived by potential customers, no matter how good your service, is always going to determine whether they go for you or a competitor. If clients ever visit your office, this becomes even more important. Inferior, unprofessional premises will impact their trust for you and can make you lose sales. Lastly, when picking office spaces for rent, you must also consider if you’re getting value for your money. Many landlords have hidden costs or won’t provide you with all you need, which will end up costing you more than you had planned for.

What We Offer at our Furnished Offices for Rent

We won’t only rent you an office space with furniture, we will also provide you with a complete office solution:
  • Turnkey installation and space planning
  • All facility management
  • Uninterrupted electricity supply and fibre network
  • Individualised support for your specific challenges
  • Networking opportunities with our huge network of over 400 other tenants at least twice a month, at our Breakfasts and special networking events
  • Access to our document guides, including 10 Secrets You Need to Know Before You Choose a New Home for Your Business and What to Remember When Planning Your Move
  • Our business philosophy programme teaching you the servant’s philosophy principles
  • And best of all, The Success Academy Future Fund, subsiding your rent with 50% for six whole months
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Why You Should Choose Our Furnished Offices

  • Unlike with many other landlords, there are no hidden fees at The Success Academy, which means you will know exactly how much you’re going to pay and won’t be surprised by any unexpected expenses.
  • Our premises are extremely safe and have great security, ensuring your business and assets are always protected.
  • We offer uninterrupted electricity supply and a fibre network providing you with first world connectivity.
  • Moving in is a smooth process, aided by our support and our space planning service. With our help, the move into your new offices can be made over the course of a weekend and won’t take you any more time or hassle than that.
  • There is always opportunity for growth at The Success Academy, with our flexible office spaces being capable of catering to companies of all sizes. As your business grows and your needs change, we can always accommodate and will help you with all necessary adjustments and moves.
  • The Success Academy’s Network is hugely beneficial to all our tenants, allowing them to network and grow with our support. We won’t only provide you with accommodation, we’ll also help your business develop.

The Next Step to Rent a Furnished Office Space for You & Your Team

Are you convinced yet that The Success Academy is the best place for your business? Get in touch via email or call 0861 555 555 to book a meeting where we can discuss your particular needs for a furnished office space rental and show you how we can meet them. Read Less


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