Leadership Without a Title

Many people make the mistake of waiting for the Title before they become a Leader. The reality is that you first have to become a 

Leader before you get the Title. You have to earn it first before you get it. 

The truth is that this principle applies to everything in life, you have to earn it first before you can have it. The true reward then lies in the person you had to become to reach your goal. 

Here are a few ideas on Leadership that will help you to become a Great Leader. 

Learn to be strong but not impolite. Some people mistake rudeness for strength. It is not even a good substitute. Learn to be kind but not weak. Do not mistake weakness for kindness. Kindness is not weakness. Kindness is a certain type of strength. Be kind enough and considerate enough to lay it on the line. Learn to be bold but not a bully. It takes boldness to win the day. You have to walk in front of your group. Take the first arrow, tackle the first problem, and 

discover the first sign of trouble. 

Learn to be humble but not timid. Remember humility is a virtue, timidity is a disease. Humility is almost God like. Learn to be proud but not arrogant. It takes pride to succeed. The key to becoming a good leader is being proud without being arrogant. Learn to develop humour without folly. It is ok to be witty, but not silly, fun but not 

foolish. Learn to deal in reality. Deal in truth. Save yourself the agony. Just accept life the way that it is. 

Life is unique. Leadership is unique. The skills that work for one leader may not work at all for another. But the fundamental skills of leadership can be adapted to work well for just about everyone; 

at work, in the community and at home. 

The secret in Leadership is learning to spend 80% of your time with the 20% of the people who are doing the 80% of the work. 

Now is the time to step up and become a leader, our Country 

needs you. 

Charl du Toit
Owner & Founder of The Success Academy