If The Why Is Strong Enough The How Becomes Easy.

Steven Covey suggests that we should start with the End in Mind. In other words we should write our own Eulogy and then live our lives accordingly.

That means that we need to have a very clear Vision for our lives. A Grand Vision that will inspire ourselves and those around us into Action. We need a strong reason to get up every morning with passion burning in our hearts. Our Vision needs to be bigger than ourselves.

In fact it should never about ourselves, it needs to be for the greater good. In order to build a meaningful life we need to become collectors of new ideas. New ideas leads to new thinking which in turn leads to new Realities. Beware of your thoughts, they will become your reality. Everything in our material world is created twice, firstly in our mind and then in the material world. Masterpieces are refined on paper first.

This design process will determine the brilliance of the end product. Always finish it on paper first before you start the manufacturing process. If your Vision is Grand and the Why is Strong the How will be easy.

Do something worthwhile with your Life.