Focus on Their Success

It is critical for us to understand that we are all having a unique experience on this planet. All of us have our own reality that exists in our own mind. Understanding this truth will assist you in succeeding in life and in business.

The business transaction or the relationship always takes place in your client’s universe, not in your own. To satisfy his or her needs you need to find out what their needs are. You need to find out what it is like in their world. You need to be really interested in your client.

Similarly, people in general are primarily interested in themselves, not in you. Putting this same thought another way – the other person is 10,000 times more interested in himself than in you.

Take these four words out of your vocabulary; I, Me, My, Mine. Substitute these four words with one word, the most powerful word spoken by the human tongue; You.

To be skilled in human relations, be sure to make people feel important.

Remember, the more important you make them feel, the more they will respond to you.

Charl du Toit
Owner & Founder of The Success Academy