Face The Future With Confidence

How can we face the Future with Confidence when we are facing a Global Pandemic?
Yes, it is true that the challenge is to survive the current situation, however we need to
realise that “this too shall pass “COVID will not be with us forever. The question is what then?
The fact of the matter is that there will always be challenges to face. This is not an easy life. It never was and never will be.
There are six words that will help us to be able to face the future with
1. INTENTION: By clearly defining our purpose in life and by ensuring that we have designed a Masterpiece that excites us and everyone around us, our strong WHY will make the HOW easy. Obstacles will become opportunities for us. We will see the Future beyond the current Challenges.
2. CHARACTER: We need to Man/Woman up. This life is not for Sissies. We have an option either the bear eats us or we eat the bear. Make sure that your Character is based on strong moral standards and actions. Be a Victor not a victim. The choice is yours.
3. DISCIPLINE: Hold yourself accountable. Be hard on yourself. Expect the best of yourself.
Be vigilant, be ready, this is the survival of the fittest. Train your mind to be disciplined.
4. FOCUS: You can’t ride two horses at a time. Focus on doing one thing for long enough so that you can become very good at doing it. Become a long term person. Remember an overnight success takes about 15 to 20 years.
5. CONSISTENCY: Most people are only into building foundations whilst few complete the building. The recipe for Success is Consistent Focused Action over Time. Success comes from Long Term Relationships.
6. LEGACY: Always keep the Big Picture in mind. We were put on this Planet for a purpose.
What you do during your Earth Walk will affect Seven Generations to come. We are here to serve our Fellow Man and all the Creatures that Share the Planet with us. To make a difference.
By pondering over these six words and how they affect our lives and our future we will ensure that we can face the Future with Confidence. The Future will be a mix of Opportunities and Challenges. Be prepared. Your future is in your hands.

Charl Du Toit
CEO & Founder of The Success Academy