The Success Academy Developments

  • Cambridge Office Park
  • CAMBRIDGE – Cambridge covers an area of 32 500m² and consists of 38 units. The park is situated at No 3 Bauhini St, Highveld Techno Park.

Berkley Office Park

BERKLEY – Completed in 2011 Berkley Office Park covers a total of 15 400m² and consists of 17 units. Berkley is situated at No 8 Bauhinia St, Highveld Techno Park. Easy access to Eco Park and Centurion CBD

  • Oxford Office Park
  • OXFORD – The development started in October 2011 and was completed in March 2016. The area covers 30 400m² and consists of 35 units. The park is situated at No 3 Bauhinia St, Highveld Techno park. Easy access to highways and Midstream.


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