Community Projects

Community Projects

Giving Back to the Community
Giving Back to
the Community

The Success Academy is very aware of our responsibility to Our Community and the Environment.

Community Projects: By Means of our Servants Philosophy Business School we assist Business Owners to Reach their full potential.

We are also seriously involved in major Greening projects in our Community through

We also make a meaning contribution towards saving our Rhinos through

The Servant Philosophy Business School
The Servant
Business School

The Success Academy seems to be a strange name for a property developer and office space provider. But to us it makes perfect sense! Our vision has been to create an environment where businesses can come to succeed.

There are obviously many elements to creating such an environment. For example, the painstaking attention to detail in maintaining the Office Parks, providing backup electrical power and backup water supplies as well as ensuring that the Parks are secure.

The businesses in our Office Parks consist of many entrepreneurs who have very valuable wide-ranging business experience. 

This experience can be tapped into at our business networking events where you can gain much needed support and insights from peers.

We are really excited about these events and being a tenant in one of our Office Parks will become extremely valuable as you will have access to this network and the additional business opportunities that this may create for you.

We have developed a business mentorship programme entitled The Servant Philosophy which is based on the 50 years of business experience of our CEO, Charl du Toit.

The programme highlights the principles that have been used to build this company to where it is today. Principles which we believe are universally applicable.

This has all been distilled into a 10 module programme which is presented at set times throughout each year at no charge to our tenants.

We believe if we can help our tenants be successful, by sharing our business experience, then we will be successful.

Save Our Planet

It is an undeniable fact that we have reached a point where we need to urgently halt the unprecedented destruction of the earth’s finite resources in the name of advancement.

It is our view that each of us must begin to make conscious decisions as to what we will do as individuals, as families, as companies, as communities to show that we understand the need to reduce our wastage and our footprint for the sake of our children.

It is with this in mind that we at The Success Academy and in conjunction with Willow Feather Farm started a project entitled “Save our Planet – Plant a Tree” in 2012.

This initiative we hope will kick-start the conversation and awareness around these issues and the need for us to live in harmony with Planet Earth.

Our plan is to donate 150,000 trees to the residents of Pretoria and encourage them to help us plant these trees in their communities. In addition, we will be involving various schools with this, giving a tree to each child so that together with their parents they can plant this and care for it while it matures.

Up to date we have donated over 100,000+ trees to children and communities in our area!

The Success Academy Rhino Trust
The Success Academy
Rhino Trust

We are sure you will relate to what we felt for a very long time, we need to become aware of the role we individually need to play in order to ensure the survival of all the species we share this planet with.

Because we continue to wreck the most destruction on the planet, the responsibility rests completely with us to make a change.

Five years ago we chose to throw our weight behind the drive to help save our rhino from extinction. It was with this realization that we decided to register The Success Academy Rhino Trust in 2015.

This Trust and everything that we accomplish with it is symbolic of a far greater challenge.

Saving the Rhino is one thing but saving our Planet is another challenge altogether.