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Our Customized Office Space
Our Customized
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Oxford Office Park in Centurion

City centre office accommodation has the advantage of being in close proximity to shops, restaurants, bars and most other facilities that the average office worker needs, including a reasonable transport system. Those benefits are often far outweighed by the disadvantages, which include overcrowding, pollution, a lack of public safety, high expense and difficulties in commuting.

Companies are increasingly seeing the benefits of moving out of the city centre to our Oxford Office Park or any of the other office parks we have around Centurion. Although moving may seem a serious decision, it’s worth the effort and one that very few companies regret.


Sit back and relax while Our Professional Turnkey Team & Space Designers will assist you to ensure the optimum use of your space and the flow of your Business.


Every Detail of the Maintenance is Managed by Us in order to allow you to Focus on your Core Business.


We offer flexibility to increase your space
as your Business Grows

Oxford Office Park Features & Benefits

At our Oxford Office Park in Centurion, companies experience a range of benefits that may not be available in city centre office buildings. These include:

  • a first-class working environment that promotes the well-being of all employees and therefore increases productivity and longevity
  • affordable rents that are combined with flexible lease arrangements to provide exactly the right accommodation at the right price and for the most convenient and cost-effective period
  • full-time security ensured by a combination of modern technology and professional security teams
  • a location that’s easily accessible through good transport links yet close enough to central Centurion to use the facilities available there
  • a prestige business address that enhances the image of all tenants
  • a coffee shop that offers light meals and refreshments for all staff, providing an informal setting for people to meet and socialise
  • professional maintenance teams that keep all office accommodation and communal areas in first-class condition
  • adequate free parking for staff and visitors that contrasts with the often limited and expensive parking in city centres
  • a full planning, design and installation service by our professional teams so that your office space has the style and functionality you need
  • a business community so tenants can network and collaborate for their own benefit. Read More

An Office Space To Rent in Oxford That Offers Companies More Value For Their Money

At our office space to rent in Oxford will be lower than for comparable city centre premises and overheads are also likely to be significantly reduced. That doesn’t mean, however, that you’ll get less because you pay less, far from it. We believe, in fact, that you receive far more for your money when you relocate to our office space for rent. All the main benefits are listed previously but there’s much more than that. We view all our tenants as more than them being simply clients who provide rental income for our properties. We know our prosperity is tied in with your success and so we do everything we can to maximise that success. If you want to relocate to our Oxford Office Park or any other of our office parks in Centurion, we’ll look at your business, discuss your aims and establish the best type of property for you. After that, we’ll work out a lease arrangement that best meets your needs in terms of its length and rental cost. It’s really about striking the best balance between flexibility, affordability and convenience because we want to offer a lease that you’re completely happy with. Read Less