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Our Customized Office Space
Our Customized
Office Space

Manhattan Office Park in Centurion

Take your business to the next level in our Manhattan Office Park. At The Success Academy, we offer fully customisable offices to rent near Pretoria that are affordable and designed to best optimise your business. From as small office spaces as 15m2 to as large as 12,000m2 – we can cater to businesses of all sizes. Choose a building that best suits your requirements and when your business is ready, speak to a member of our team about increasing your space. Our flexible agreements and turnkey installations ensure that your office can grow alongside you in a quick and stress-free manner. Our expert team work with professionalism to ensure you have everything you need for your business to run smoothly. All of our offices are linked to back up water and power generators to ensure you have a constant supply and our parks have 24-hour biometric access to provide complete security.


Sit back and relax while Our Professional Turnkey Team & Space Designers will assist you to ensure the optimum use of your space and the flow of your Business.


Every Detail of the Maintenance is Managed by Us in order to allow you to Focus on your Core Business.


We offer flexibility to increase your space
as your Business Grows

Discover Beautiful Office Buildings at Our Manhattan Office Park in Centurion & Join A Community of Like-Minded Business People

We find it is important to step away from a typical landlord-tenant relationship. We find it is more beneficial to operate in a partnership, working and growing together. Taking care of the finer details such as the buildings and grounds maintenance provides you with the time to focus on expanding your business.

Our countless testimonials give credit to our expert and professional teams. Providing consistent and readily available customer service is what we do best and this, combined with our other great qualities, builds a foundation for a long-lasting partnership.

When you move into a building in our Manhattan Office Park, you will receive access to our online platform. This gives you the opportunity to connect with the other businesses in the park, gaining access to a wealth of information and sharing advice. Read More

We Offer Attractive & Professional Office Spaces At The Manhattan Office Park

Here at The Success Academy, we understand the importance of appearance and accessibility. The location and professionalism of your office space can make or break a business deal and we have designed our Office Parks specifically with success in mind.

All of our office parks in Centurion are smart, modern and aesthetically pleasing but we understand that change is necessary from time to time. When you want to shake up the appearance of your office, we are on hand to help. Our design team can assist with any interior changes and renovations to improve your office, providing a fresh appearance.

Our central locations in Centurion ensure that our offices have access to good transport links and nearby amenities including restaurants, hotels, banks, post offices and more. We even provide on-site facilities for immediate access to light meals, refreshments and other catering requirements.

Speak to Our Team About Choosing a Building in Our Manhattan Office Park to Rent!

There has never been a better time to speak to our expert team about renting Manhattan Office Park space as we are currently offering 50% off rental prices for six months when choosing a minimum three-year tenancy. Call us on 0861 555 555 or fill out an online enquiry form to arrange a viewing today. Read Less