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Our Customized Office Space
Our Customized
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Madison Square Office Park in Centurion

Welcome to The Success Academy. If a new, professional and luxurious office space for rent is what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place. Madison Square Office Park has the perfect selection of attractive, accessible and secure spaces for you to operate your business. We provide a fantastic environment for you to run your business. From day one, our friendly and professional team provide assistance, guidance and answer all of your queries. This amazing service continues long into your tenancy, from buildings and grounds maintenance to a guaranteed power supply. Whatever you need from us for your business to succeed, we endeavour to provide.


Sit back and relax while Our Professional Turnkey Team & Space Designers will assist you to ensure the optimum use of your space and the flow of your Business.


Every Detail of the Maintenance is Managed by Us in order to allow you to Focus on your Core Business.


We offer flexibility to increase your space
as your Business Grows

Our Madison Square Office Spaces Are Customisable to Your Requirements

We pride ourselves on creating fantastic office park spaces in Centurion for our tenants to run successful businesses, going above and beyond to ensure everything is taken care of. A quality that is credited in our testimonials is that the offices are customisable to cater to your needs.

When moving into Madison Square Office Park, choose an office from as small as 15m2 to meet your current requirements. As your business grows, our agreements give you the flexibility to increase your office space as you require. At The Success Academy, we promote successful business and always strive to work with you in every way that we can.

Our in-house space planners are always on hand to assist with the interior design of your office. We aim to maximise space and minimise cost. Working to your specifications, they plan the best layout of your office, only handing over the reins to our installers once you are completely happy. With our fantastic turnkey installations, there is no delay and no stress. Read More

Why Choosing Madison Square Office Park?

When choosing Madison Square Office Park to rent an office space, there are many benefits that you will receive. These include:

Central Location

The park is situated close to the CBD’s amenities including restaurants, banks, hotels, post offices and the Gautrain Station.

On-Site Amenities

Amongst other qualities, Madison Square Office Park boasts on-site parking and cafes for light meals, refreshments and other catering requirements.

24 Hour Security

We understand the importance of feeling at peace and secure whilst at work so have 24-hour biometric access and security guards who monitor the park.

Instant Connectivity

The operation of your business is of great importance to us, so we provide backup generators for all of our office spaces to ensure there is a constant and reliable supply of power and water.

Come & See The Madison Square Offices for Yourself!

Our existing tenants and the team here at The Success Academy think that Madison Square Office Park in Centurion is top of the range. But don’t just take our word for it. Speak to a member of our team today to arrange a viewing and see for yourself!

Call us on 0861 555 555 or complete an online enquiry form now. Read Less