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Cambridge Office Park in Centurion

Office parks are often occupied by large companies as places where they locate local or regional offices or even their head office. At Cambridge Office Park, however, we cater for all sizes and types of companies due to our flexible approach to providing office accommodation.

At The Success Academy, we welcome all companies to our office spaces near Pretoria, whether large international organisations, SMEs or start-ups. The extensive range of spaces we can provide are suitable for every size of company and give plenty of scope for expansion without even having to leave the site.


Sit back and relax while Our Professional Turnkey Team & Space Designers will assist you to ensure the optimum use of your space and the flow of your Business.


Every Detail of the Maintenance is Managed by Us in order to allow you to Focus on your Core Business.


We offer flexibility to increase your space
as your Business Grows

Expansion without Relocation: A Cambridge Office Park Centurion Address For All Companies

Small companies and start-ups can have the benefit of a prestige office address that enhances their reputation and puts them on the same level as much larger and more established businesses. The presence of other organisations of a similar size and stage of development can also lead to a collaborative environment and approach that encourages and enables small companies to grow.

When that growth occurs, relocating the business to another site for more space can be a very disruptive process. Being able to do this at the same site, even within the same building, can make the whole process much simpler, with less interruption to operations and little effect on productivity.

Our office parks in Centurion are more attractive than city centre locations as well as being more accessible with easier parking and everything available on site. Cambridge Office Park rent will also be much cheaper than city centre premises and so will make the whole operation more profitable. Despite this, you’ll be in one of the area’s most established office locations with a prestigious address. Read More

An Office Space At The Cambridge Office Park Can Fully Adapt To Your Needs

Relocating to any one of our office parks, whether as a recent start-up previously working from home or a company that needs bigger or better premises, means you can gain all the benefits our parks have to offer. Choose our Cambridge Office Park in Centurion or any one of our other Office Parks to suit your business needs and we can handle the whole lifecycle of your business from then on.

We can give you the best place to start and then reconfigure your premises as your needs change. We offer flexible leasing arrangements and so can move you to larger and more suitable premises on the same site as your business grows. And should you need to downsize at any time due to a contraction of your market or changed circumstances, we can deal with that as well.

Our aim is to ensure that you always have the business premises that exactly meet your needs. As your needs change, therefore, we’ll adapt as necessary, so your requirements continue to be met.

Our Cambridge Office Park has space to grow, unlike restrictive city centre premises, so you’ll never feel the need to move too far. So, no matter how big or small your company and whatever your future plans, get in touch, tell us what you need, both now and in the future, and we’ll find your perfect premises. Read Less