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Successful businesses never stand still but will always evolve, develop and grow so that they can keep ahead of their competitors. In the same way, our Berkley Office Park continues to move forward so it can always cater for changing business needs and provide what our tenants need and expect.

Most businesses now demand flexibility from all their suppliers so that they are not constrained in their development and progress. That fits in with our philosophy because we aim to make all our office parks adaptable so that they always meet the needs of all our tenants.


Sit back and relax while Our Professional Turnkey Team & Space Designers will assist you to ensure the optimum use of your space and the flow of your Business.


Every Detail of the Maintenance is Managed by Us in order to allow you to Focus on your Core Business.


We offer flexibility to increase your space
as your Business Grows

Berkley Office Park Centurion: Responding to the Needs of Businesses

All businesses have unique and changing needs in respect of the premises they occupy. These include those premises having the expected features of providing adequate office accommodation that is comfortable, temperature-controlled and easy to access. But, increasingly, they also need to deliver agile working conditions so that the available space is occupied in as efficient a manner as possible, a safe and secure working environment and workspaces that foster collaborative working between teams that may be changing constantly.

Businesses need to be efficient in order to be able to succeed and our Berkley Office Park in Centurion helps them to do that. Unlike city centre office blocks that may be outdated, are constrained by their surroundings and have to fit into an urban environment, our office parks in Centurion are purpose-built and are modern developments that include all the facilities expected by present day businesses.

We provide a completely bespoke environment that can accommodate all types and sizes of businesses with varying needs. We provide plenty of space for businesses to grow and all the necessary and latest facilities — such as high-speed internet, reliable power and other services, communal amenities, good communications and easy access — that will enable that growth to happen. Read More

Office Premises At Berkley Office Park For Changing Business Needs

Every business needs to operate in a totally secure environment with all facilities they need close at hand. With our managed and fully maintained office spaces for rent, you can concentrate on running your business with no concerns about the premises you occupy. You can rest assured that those premises will satisfy your every need and can be changed or expanded as those needs alter. At Berkley Office Park, rent exactly the office space you need, safe in the knowledge that it will continue to meet your needs in the years to come. We provide spaces in a variety of sizes and configurations, that benefit from a community spirit, that provide easy access and adequate parking, and that have all the facilities you are likely to need. And, in these increasingly environmentally conscious times, we also provide sustainable accommodation and facilities amongst pleasant surroundings. So, whatever size or type of your organisation, if you need office premises that will help your company to grow and prosper, get in touch. Our Berkley Office Park spaces will provide the accommodation that will exactly meet your needs and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future. Read Less