Cold Calling

Cold Calling. Is it a proven marketing method or a lost art form?🤔
Written by Marleen Swanepoel

Cold calling has been a staple marketing tool for years. Selling techniques have always made use of similar tactics, to get in touch with new clients. To make them aware of your product or service, from door-to-door salesmen to the more modern mass emailing a database or social media marketing campaigns.  The techniques used for cold calling hasn’t changed much in the last few years since com­panies started using it as a marketing and sales tactic. Considering how much the world has changed and how businesses operate, therefore sticking to a tactic that has less than 10% success rate seems like an odd thing to do.

Anyone who has ever used this telemarketing tac­tic will tell you that most of the time people get pretty annoyed by the intrusion and unwelcome call, if not outright rude. Rudeness, simply putting phones down, and being placed on hold indefinitely are all reactions you can expect from most of your attempts. To be fair, there is always the possibility that you will reach a client that has never before heard of your business and is currently in the market for your product or service and the more calls you make the bigger this possibility becomes.

But is a 10% success rate worth the time and effort it takes to make these calls? Wouldn’t it be more productive focusing your sales team’s time and energy on proven methods of gaining new clientele?

Whether you are pro cold calling or against it, it cannot be debated that cold calling is a great way to make more people aware of your company, whether they feel the experience was pleasant or not.

2020 is in your hands.